Gynecologic Procedure

Gynecologic procedures can directly change sexual function by changing the female genital tract's architecture. In one research, 83% of the 50 women who underwent pelvic surgery for endometrial, vulvar, or cervical cancer reported having sexual issues, compared to 20% of the control group. 27 They also reported reduced desire for sexual activity and poor lubrication of the vagina. According to a recent study, the majority of the 179 women who had previously experienced invasive cervical cancer were sexually active. Compared to women who had not undergone Hysterectomies, those who had reported a lower frequency of loss of interest or desire in sexual activity.

Cryosurgery for the Cervix


Pelvic laparoscopy

Laparoscopy of the uterus

Cervical biopsy

Dilation and Curettage

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